Whenever you find that you need any kind of home appliance repair, it can be a real shock.  Doing your daily chores just became even more of a… chore!  But if you find that your washing machine needs repair, there are some things that you can easily do yourself.  Today we’re going to go over how to change the inlet valve on your front load washer. It’s a really easy job, all we’re going to need is a Phillips screwdriver and a pair of slip-joint pliers. Let’s get into how it’s done.

Now the model that we’ve chosen today for you is actually part of a stacked Fridgidaire version and we’ve removed the dryer ahead of time to give you a better idea of what you’re going to see. Now the first thing we’ll need to do before we begin the repair is to disconnect power to the washer and we’ll also want to remove the fill hoses in the back.

Washer repair Atlanta - water inlet valve

Washer repair Atlanta – water inlet valve replacement

Next we will simply pull the wire harness off of the water valve; just let that hang there. Our next step will be to remove the two Phillips screws from the back. You can pull the valve through from the inside so that we can get access to the clamp.

Now with our pliers we’ll depress that clamp, and slide it up on to the hose. Take note of the orientation of that hose so that when we go to install it on the new valve we have it lined up properly.

Remove the old valve and set that aside.

Take our new valve and fit it into the hose. Make sure it goes in all the way. Line it up properly. Reinstall the clamp. Fit the inlets through the openings in the back panel and reinstall the two screws.

Now the mounting bracket for the new valve does not have any threads cut into it yet so it’ll be a little hard to turn in at first; self tapping screws will cut a new thread into them and they’ll turn easily. Make sure it’s snug and make sure to tighten both screws firmly.

Reconnect the harness to the terminals on the valve. Now we’re ready to reinstall the fill hoses and reconnect the power, and our repair is complete.

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