Just like the food in your refrigerator has a shelf life, so too does your refrigerator.  It’s an unfortunate and unavoidable fact that even the best (and most expensive) of our appliances will eventually break down on us, and when a refrigerator repair isn’t able to cut it, it’s time to look for a replacement refrigerator.

Since we come across situations like this every day, we do get a lot of questions about ‘the best refrigerator to get’.  While we do have some information and opinions on better and worse choices, it must be remembered that each situation is different.  People looking for a new replacement fridge may have different size spaces, different requirements and different budgets to work with, so it’s impossible to give a set answer.

With that said, we will take a look at some different refrigerators that we have done some research on and that you might find interesting and worth considering.  For example, this first review is something that really blew us away the first time we saw it…

What would you get if you crossed the latest in refrigerator design and technology with the latest in tablet computers?  Probably something like the Samsung RSG309AARS.

If you’re a techy at all, you’re surely aware of what Samsung has done in the mobile phone market with the Galaxy S3 (and now the S4).  Well, now they’ve built that kind of cool gadgetry into keeping your food cool!  This probably doesn’t make a lot of sense, so you’d probably just be better off watching the following video to get a good understanding of what I’m talking about.  After that we can look at some of the specifics that come with this amazing refrigerator…

OK, so now that you’ve seen it, here are some of the details of what you just saw…


  • Epicurious – This is a very useful and helpful app. Every now and then, we just can’t think of what to cook or recipe to prepare. With this app on the Samsung RSG309AARS, you can search for different recipes, save recipes and if you haven’t gone to the grocery yet, you can do a search with the current ingredients you have and see what you can come up with.
  • Calendar – Meetings or any family event – you can easily add events or delete them. This is a useful app that can help you stay organized and on top of things all from your Samsung RSG309AARS.
  • AP News – You can easily find out what’s going on in the world. You can check out news, current events and be able to relax and read through articles as you’re in the kitchen. Yes, that is all possible from you Samsung RSG309AARS.
  • Memo – Instead of flooding your refrigerator with Post-it notes and magnets with memos, you can now add memos using the Samsung RSG309AARS refrigerator’s touchscreen. Keep it clean and don’t forget what’s what.
  • Photos – A family refrigerator would never be complete without pictures. You can easily store up to 300 photos using a SD card, phone or Picasa library.
  • WeatherBug – Enter your zip code and you’ll get instant weather reports.
  • Pandora – Cooking, washing dishes or cleaning up, it will always be a funner experience if you could do those while listening to your favorite songs.
  • Tweet – Yes! This is a refrigerator that allows you to Tweet! How cool is that?

(thanks to www.samsungrsg309aars.com for that info)

 The price on this beauty can show up as high as about $2500.00, but if you look around a little, you’re sure to be able to find it for less than that.  For example, if you just go to Amazon.com you can (at the time of this writing) find it for sale for considerably less at just $1,788.99.

While it hasn’t received a ton of reviews yet, those it has received are generally quite positive.  Here are a few sample snippets from various customer reviews:

This phenomenal refrigerator/freezer does everything but cook for youAndy Rosenblum on Amazon

Samsung Refridgerator RSG309AARS is great, the features it provides to any kitchen is awesome, the storage space it contains is just perfect.” Ricardo Vela on Amazon

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