The one common appliance in our home we all have is a refrigerator.  We rely on it to keep our food cool and safe to eat.  It becomes such a part of our surrounding that we don’t even notice the sounds it makes cycling on and off.  That is until it breaks down.

Sometimes a repair on a refrigerator can be done with just a little effort on our part.  If we know the make and model we can easily look up a repair manual on the internet.  Most manuals will inform us on the basics of where the heaters, condensers, switches, thermostats and fans are located on our model and how to check if they are working.  These basic parts are easily tested and replaced with just a little effort.  When checking several things, it might be handy to keep a log on a piece of paper or in a notebook of what you tested and the result.

It is important to discharge the capacitor of the motor/compressor before you even attempt to check a component of the refrigerator.  This is because the capacitor will hold a charge even if the electricity is unplugged.  It is not enough to simply unplug it since electricity is stored inside the unit.   You can get severely shocked if you do not properly discharge it first.

There are many do it yourself websites that will walk you through some of the common refrigerator repair problems.  You simply find what your particular problem is and it helps you to check different things that may be the problem.  They also inform you on routine maintenance that can stop a problem before it even begins.  This can save you time and money.

If all else fails, you at the very least might be able to tell if your refrigerator is worth repairing before you call in a repairman.  Repairs can get expensive.  Part are not always easy.  You have to pay for a repairman time and effort, not to mention being charged for the part.  It might be just as easy and cheaper in the long run to buy a new refrigerator.

By educating yourself on common problems and common solutions along with simple maintenance of your refrigerator, you just might be able to keep it working for a long time.  You can save yourself the trouble of calling a repairman or purchasing a new one.

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