Kitchenaid French-Door Refrigerator KFXS25RYMSToday we’ll look at another option that is worth considering if you find that fixing a refrigerator is out of the question…

This Kitchenaid stainless steel french door refrigerator has an amazing twenty five cubic foot capacity. The LED lighting gradually increases in intensity and keeps the refrigerator brightly and crisply lit so you’re never in the dark.

Adjustable glass shelves allow you to customize the space anyway you need it and with SpillSheild technology they will help contain spills and are easy to clean.

Store meats and cheeses in the humidity controlled deli drawer. The fresh new refrigerated drawer provides extra storage for all your fruits and vegetables and ensure they will stay fresher longer.

With the indoor water and ice dispenser easy access to refreshments comes at the touch of a button. The bottom freezer space is maximized by two sliding storage bins and a middle divider.

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Over at Amazon, you’ll find a few customer reviews that are somewhat mixed. This is what user “SusieBer” had to say about her Kitchenaid fridge:

“I love my Kitchenaid fridge. I use the produce drawer a lot, which saves on energy use because I don’t open the doors for the frequent use items like fruits, vegies, yogurt, canned cat food, and probiotic vitamins. Plenty of space in the French door compartment, and the freezer drawer is huge. Never short on ice. I have had this fridge for six months with no issues. I’ve never noticed excess noise. The person who wrote the bad review must’ve gotten one with a problem because this fridge is not noisy by nature. Hardware can and does come from the factory flawed now and then – it seems like if the buyer wasn’t happy he could return it or have it fixed. This is a good looking appliance, too.”

This is quite different from the feelings expressed by “billthethird”, who clearly regrets his decision to buy this particular model. More specifically, he states,

“The refrigeraor looks good but it does not sound good. The compressor and fan run 80% of the time and are loud. It is very annoying. It appears KitchenAid has stop making its “Whisper Quiet Compressor System.” What a mistake I made buying this.”

Kitchenaid tends to be a solid brand and many people really like their products. Whether this particular refridgerator will help continue that feeling seems to be undecided at the moment.

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