GE Profile Counter Depth French Door RefrigeratorHave a complete kitchen makeover with the GE Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator!

A refrigerator looking like it’s built-in with the cupboards is one of the trends in modern interior design because it adds cozy detail to any home.  This is a top contender for a refrigerator for those who want to have that counter-depth design.  It has bevels on top and below so that it will fit the design of any cabinet.  Its counter-depth configuration will give the appearance of being built-in. This solution is more budget friendly than custom refrigerators for the cupboard.

The body of this counter depth refrigerator is made of stainless steel.  It is not only durable but it gives it a sleek appearance.  Styled with GE’s contemporary armoire design it has a total of four doors.  Two side hinged doors for the refrigerator and a bottom two drawers for the freezer.  Its handles are curved giving it a more polished look.

Physical appearance aside, this refrigerator is created to be state-of-the-art kitchen equipment.  It uses a ClimateKeeper system where temperature can be adjusted via electronic controls.  It has an interior air flow system that helps to distribute cool air evenly.

There are three pull-out drawers inside the refrigerator.  Two are crisper drawers and one is a long drawer.  The two crisper drawers have humidity control so that vegetables and fruits stored in it are guaranteed to maintain its freshness for a longer period of time.

The shelving system of this refrigerator is flexible.  Shelves can be tucked away if not needed to provide enough space for storing taller or larger items.  The rack for canned drinks on the right hand side door is best for quick access for the thirsty.

The exterior of this refrigerator is also functional.  It has an ice dispenser with an LCD panel and touch button controls.  The LCD panel will show both the refrigerator and freezer’s temperature.  And it can be manually controlled with this panel.  There are also controls for the selections of: water, crushed (ice), and cubed (ice). The designers have thoughtfully added a light switch for turning on the lights to give a much clearer view when filling a glass with water through the ice dispenser.
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If there are ingredients or foods that need to be cooled right away, pushing the TurboCool button located on the LCD panel will rapidly cool it down.  So there’s no worry regarding food spoilage.

The GE Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator combines style and substance.  It is the perfect necessity for the family.  Both the 20.7 and 20.9 cubic feet capacity measures 69 5/2 inches x 35 3/4 inches x 31 inches (HxWxD).

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