At Best Refrigerator Repair Atlanta, we often hear from customers who are having problems with their freezer door.  It might be that it’s not sealing correctly or that ice is building up around the edges of the door. Or maybe it’s just that the gasket around the edge of the door is clearly twisted, worn out and no longer doing the job.  Today we are going to show you how to change the Freezer Door Gasket on your refrigerator. It’s a pretty easy job, all we are going to need is a ¼ inch nut driver, or preferably ¼ inch electric screw driver, let me show you how it’s done.

Before we begin this repair, you will notice that the Gasket will come looking something like a kinked up mess, and it’s not going to fit very well, because it’s kinked (if you need to find the right gasket, we suggest you check out the PartSelect website).

Now as a final product what we need to do, is apply some heat to it, soften it up, so it will become a little more flexible, a little easier to shape.  You can do that with a hair dryer, just by applying some gentle heat all the way around it. What I prefer to do is, either put it in a bathtub, a couple of inches of hot water, and let it soak for ½ an hour, or you can put it in your clothes dryer, and let it tumble for five to ten minutes, checking it periodically make sure that you don’t have it too hot.

Once we’ve got it softened up, we can lay it out flat, to the shape that we need it to be in, then we can begin our repair.

First step in this repair, will be to turn the freezer control off, you may want to remove any items that are on the freezer door.  We’ll lift up the gasket, expose ¼ inch hex edge screws, all the way around the perimeter of them, and this particular model has about 28 screws on it, so it does take a little while, therefore a power tool is welcome in hand.

With all the screws removed, you can work the gasket out from behind the inner door panel, the gasket also holds the inner door panel to the outer door, so one keeps the pressure on that, till we get the gasket removed,and then we can lift the inner door panel off as well. Set that aside, then we’ll check on our new gasket to see if it’s softened up enough to take some shape.

[covertplayersinglevideo trvideoid=”HfIE9tPBGnI” trdisplaytype=”5″ trnumbervideosdisplay=”” trvideoperpage=”36″ trthumbnailwidth=”150″ trthumbnailheight=”100″ trpopupwidth=”500″ trpopupheight=”350″ trvideoalign=”left” trytautohide=”0″ trytautoplay=”1″ trytcontrols=”0″ trytrelvideo=”0″ trytshowlogo=”1″ trytshowtitle=”0″ tryttheme=”dark” trythighquality=”0″]Now that we have our new gasket softened up and nice and pliable and flexible, ready to put on, the first step will be to put the liner on, and maybe just put one or two screws to hold it in place. Then we’ll work the gasket around it. We don’t need to tighten these screws, just enough to hold it in place.

Now we’ll take our gasket, making sure that the magnetic edge is facing out, and then we’ll hook the lip of that gasket into the channel that’s formed in the inner door panel. Once we have one edge fully inserted, then we’ll tighten those screws up a little bit, we’ll just take our time with the corners, make sure we don’t stretch it too much; we can begin to put the remainder of the screws in.  If you are using an electric or cordless screw driver, make sure there’s a clutch setting on it, because we don’t want to strip these screw holes.

Now once we have all the screws tightened,just take a last minute check, make sure we haven’t folded the gasket in underneath the edge too much, or it’s not pulled away from it. You may notice a few spots that will be protruding a little bit, but when you close the door, you may notice that it sticks out a little bit.  What I would suggest you do is to take some duct tape, press the door firmly, and tightly wrap the duct tape around there and keep it closed for a period of time till it takes to set. And then your repair is complete.

That’s just how easy it is to change the freezer door gasket on your refrigerator (this particular refrigerator that was worked on in the video, which was originally found on YouTube by user PartSelect, was a Whirlpool refrigerator). Thanks  visiting, and good luck with your repair.

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