One of the most common parts of a refrigerator that needs repair is the ice maker and water dispenser area.  If your icemaker isn’t making ice or the actual ice dispenser is broken, you may be able to fix it yourself by replacing the control and motor assembly.  Doing so could save you from giving up on your fridge and buying an expensive new one.  But if you have any trouble with this (or any) fridge repair, remember that Best Refrigerator and Appliance Repair Atlanta is always just a phone call away to help you.

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Do you need to change the Ice Maker Control Motor Assembly on your fridge? It’s a pretty easy job, and you only need a few tools; a ¼ inch nut driver, a Philips screw driver, and maybe a pair of needle nose pliers, and maybe a flat blade screw driver.  Let see how to do it.

The very first step we need to do before we begin the repair is to disconnect the power supply, and to turn off the water supply to the refrigerator.

The next step in this repair is to gain access to the ice maker.  We need to remove it so that we can access the Control Motor Assembly.  There are two screws located above the ice maker that just need to be loosened, and then we’ll just slide it from the frame on the ice maker, and one ¼ inch hex edge screw on the bottom that does need to be removed.

You want to loosen the top two, and we’ll lift up on the ice maker, tilt it out, pull it slightly forward and disconnect the wire harness at the back.

Next we need to remove the cover in front of the ice maker. Wiggle that a bit, and now we need to remove three Philips screws and also the belt. The first step we need to remove the belt.  Just pull it out of the hole in the back, and in it’s down position slide it completely out.

Once we have removed the three screws, gently grasp the face of that control motor assembly and pull it off the ice maker. Now the shaft has a flat D side on it, we need to make sure that our placement control motor is going to set up in this top corner.  We need to make sure that that shaft is going to line up, it’s easy just rotate the shaft from the ice maker side, line it up, until it slides on easily, press it into place, and reinstall the three screws.

icemaker control and motor assembly-exploded

icemaker control and motor assembly-exploded

Next step will be to reinstall the belt.

You lift the back of it, a hole should be slotted downwards.  Slide that in, reconnect the back hole.  A quick test to make sure it locks in, in an upright position, or off position, and falls free.

Reinstall the cover, now we are ready to put the ice maker back into the fridge.

Take the harness way back connect it first make sure it’s snug, line up the fill tube with the hole in the back of the ice maker, slot it up on to the mounting screws, re-tighten all three screws.

Let’s now put it back in place, turn the water supply back on, plug the refrigerator in, and in a couple of hours we should have some ice cubes.

And that’s just how easy it was to change the ice maker control motor assembly on your refrigerator.

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