Appliance Repair Atlanta

Appliance Repair Atlanta

At Best Refrigerator Repair Atlanta, we often get asked if we work on other appliances too, or do we only do refrigerators? The answer is simple… Of course we work on other appliances! And if you need a repair on your washer, dryer, dishwasher or microwave oven, we can help you with that just like we help so many with their refrigerator problems.

You see, back when Tommy Best started this business as a single technician, he chose to specialize in refrigerators, knowing that when someone had trouble with their fridge, he needed to respond as soon as possible. His feeling was that he couldn’t put off working on a refrigerator, letting someone’s food go bad, because he was working on a dishwasher.

The thing is, Best has grown a lot since those early days when Tommy got things started. Not only do we operate in multiple cities now, but we handle repairs of all kinds because now we have the staff to do it. However, because Tommy was known to be so diligent about helping people when they had a malfunctioning fridge, the name just kind of stuck with him.

Long story short… yes, we can help you with any kind of appliance repair Atlanta! Just give us a call and we’ll schedule someone to come out just as soon as possible (even if it is “only” a dishwasher!)

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